Geometries of Reason, 2015 (early work)

Geometries of Reason is a series of prints generated from visual and anthropological wall painting data collected as a Mortimer Hays Brandeis Traveling Art Fellow in 2014-2015. Each print represents one specific reason women gave for making a wall painting. If a woman gave an explicit reason why she painted, a visual element of her wall painting is included in the corresponding print.

Currently, the data comes from ten representative women in six representative villages – Mapoch (Ndebele), KwaMsiza (Ndeblee), Yetnabersh (Ari), Grshe (Ari), Tiebele (Kassena-Nankana) and Sirigu (Kassena-Nankana). Sixty women and their paintings are represented overall. It is my hope to add additional women from new communities in the future.